I applied to be a art vendor at the Dallas Indie Festival and paid $300 for the booth space. Plus I spent $160 for a hotel night plus gas since I drove from Houston. Right after I got accepted Adam Zoblotsky (organizer) sent us a welcoming email and some others. I know this was not going to be a good festival since I wrote him a few times with questions and he would just not reply to my emails with the few questions I had since this was my first time in a festival. Until one day I gave him an ultimatum and asked for my $300 back if he didn't reply to my emails. He called me but I told him that I was out of the country and couldn't afford to be on a long distance conversation when all he had to do was to reply to my emails with the questions I had. He then gave me the excuse that his father was sick and therefore His time was invested in other areas. I quote him literally. He also told us that booth spaces would be assigned at arrival and once I got there I literally had to chase him to give me a booth space. Very poorly organized. The festival had very few visitors, he sold tickets for $5 to go into the festival but only to some people. Others were able to walk in for free since it was a public park. We had a had who came to visit and paid $5 dollars to get in a was very upset when he realized that others didn't paid to get in. Very few people at the festival. Some people even told us that they never saw any advertising for the festival that they must happened to be walking their dogs on that day or biking. We were by the lake during the summer time so mosquitos were bitting us all the time! Talk about a health hazard. When I first got there and asked him for my booth space and where the restrooms were he told me that the main building was locked since it opened at noon and therefore I could use a tree. Very unprofessional! Also, I didn't see any marketing for this event and the sign he posted before entering the festival was pathetic. Looked like a homemade garage sale sign. The majority of vendors I spoke with were extremely upset with this guy. At the end of the day vendors were furious and went looking for him to talk to him about everything and he came out escorted by a police and the poor excuse he gave for everything that went wrong was that his dad was sick and that the city had changed things last minute but if that was true, he never notified any of us. In addition I google his name and he seems to have a couple of bad reviews.



Monetary Loss: $500.

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